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hug n : a tight or amorous embrace; "come here and give me a big hug" [syn: clinch, squeeze]


1 hug, usually with fondness; "Hug me, please"; "They embraced" [syn: embrace, bosom, squeeze]
2 fit closely or tightly; "She dress hugged her hipds" [also: hugging, hugged]

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  1. An affectionate close embrace.
  2. A crushing embrace.


affectionate embrace
  • Czech: objetí
  • Danish: kram
  • Finnish: hali, halaus
  • French: étreinte
  • German: Umarmung
  • Italian: abbraccio
  • Kurdish:
  • Norwegian: klem
  • Portuguese: abraço
  • Romanian: îmbrăţişare
  • Russian: объятие (ob"játije)
  • Spanish: abrazo
  • Swedish: kram


  1. To cling closely together.
  2. To embrace by holding closely, especially in the arms.
    Billy hugged Danny until he felt better.
  3. To stay close to (the shore etc.)



cling closely together
stay close to the shore







  • Indefinite accusative singular of hugur

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A hug is a form of physical intimacy that generally involves closing or holding the arms around another person or group of persons. The hug is one of the most common human signs of love and affection, along with kissing. Unlike some other forms of physical intimacy, it is practiced publicly and privately without stigma in many nations, religions and cultures, within families, and also across age and gender lines.
Sometimes, hugs are a romantic exchange. A hug may also be exchanged as a sign of support and comfort. A hug can be a demonstration of affection and emotional warmth, sometimes arising out of joy or happiness at meeting someone.
Brief in most cases, it is used to show many levels of affection. It is not particular to human beings alone, as there are many species of animals that engage in similar exchanges of warmth.
A prolonged hugging in a cozy, comfortable position is also called cuddling.
Spooning is a cuddling position, a kind of hugging when both the hugger and the hugged persons face the same direction, i.e., the front of one person is in contact with the back of the second one.

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abduct, accost, accueil, address, adhere, adhere to, agglomerate, around, bear, bear hug, bite, bob, bosom, bow, bunch, carry off, cherish, clamp, clasp, cleave, cleave to, clench, clinch, cling, cling to, clinging, clip, clot, cluster, clutch, coagulate, cohere, congeal, conglomerate, curtsy, death grip, embosom, embrace, enfold, enfoldment, entertain, firm hold, fold, follow close upon, fondle, foothold, footing, foster, freeze to, glad hand, go with, grapple, grasp, greeting, grip, gripe, grow together, hail, hand-clasp, handshake, hang about, hang on, hang on to, hang together, harbor, have, have and hold, hearty welcome, hello, hold, hold fast, hold on, hold on to, hold tight, hold together, hover over, how-do-you-do, huddle, hug the shore, iron grip, keep, keep close to, keep hold of, kidnap, kiss, lie by, make welcome, march with, mass, never let go, nip, nod, nurse, nurture, open arms, persist, press, purchase, reception, salutation, salute, seizure, set, shanghai, smile, smile of recognition, smiling reception, solidify, squeeze, stand by, stay, stay inshore, stay near, stay put, stick, stick to, stick together, tailgate, take hold of, the glad hand, throttle, tight grip, toehold, treasure, treasure up, wave, welcome, welcome mat, welcoming
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